¿Qué hace diferente a Café San Cayetano y cómo eso impacta nuestros sueños?

**These are our answers for the FedEx Small and Medium Business program.

Our company is different because and so much, however, being a classic product in its commercialization and production such as coffee, today it forces us to dissociate and associate ideas, sensations and beliefs in order to incorporate novelties in this competitive market already generate additional experiences that allow our clients to go beyond simple consumption. That is, today coffee is not the coffee that was sold and bought  50 years ago where, for example, packaging mattered little; or the added values that could be obtained from the same, think of a cappuccino or the endless new preparations that are currently achieved from coffee and that are highly demanded, or in the setting of the consumption space, or in the methods of coffee preparation, that is why today, the great difference between companies can be measured according to how holistic their products or services are in terms of customer expectations, and that is why Café San Cayetano is consolidated as a different company in the extent to which it is not limited to meeting only the needs of consumers but to encompass the broadest experiential spectra of them through the development of avant-garde models of design, high quality, added value of the product, efficient service and corporate values that are nourished by a tradition of more than 100 years but that, hand in hand with its new generations of leaders, innovates every day with its products, media and ambitions. corporate ones.s. 

On the other hand, highlighting that same extensive tradition and experience that guarantee our product as one of the finest produced nationally and internationally, today to the new generations that we are at the forefront of the company and the brand, it is not enough for us to go on the shoulders of giants, since the difficulties involved in coffee production and marketing in our country are well known, where extremely voracious prices converge, voracious international competitors, the geographical and social complexities of the territory and the rural population of Colombia, the slow pace of development technological-agroindustrial and the challenges in efficiency and competitiveness that occur in the national internal level but that do not allow our dreams to be clouded and on the contrary we see there then the reason why this small group of young and talented leaders dedicate their best efforts and capabilities with the certainty of having a great product, a solid base of part a suitable organizational capacity and fresh ideas that allow us to take a leap forward and not only enhance a family legacy but also expand a business that feeds the dreams and the support of multiple generations while generating hundreds of formal jobs in the field and in the city responsibly takes care of its environmental and economic sustainability and maintains the flag of the country as the creator of the best coffee in the world.o. 



Having big dreams for our company, our collaborators and our region, we initially started from some close goals prior to dreams, but essential to fulfill them, close goals such as:

Consolidate the brand: using marketing as a tool to establish the brand in front of consumers in a way that allows forming a clientele through the use of digital, business and communication tools. 

Reach new markets nationally and internationally: Through the exportation of products to specific consumption sources. Starting with the American continent and then expanding to other continents using international shipping means.


Once these necessary short-term goals have been established for the achievement of corporate dreams, three great aspirations of our company can be specifically addressed:

  1. Remain as a family business that has continuity in time for multiple generations to come in such a way that not only a family legacy is preserved but also a regional productive development that maintains hundreds of formal jobs and economic progress, always hand in hand with social commitment and environmental well-being as fundamental pillars of business growth. 
  2. Encourage cultural development by supporting artists from different areas such as graphic artists whose talent is promoted thanks to the biannual changes in the designs and images of the packaging of our products; opportunity in which there is even the freedom to create unique works under intellectual authorship other than San Cayetano so that these are disseminated nationally and internationally through the packaging of our coffee. In this way, through our product we dream of encouraging Colombian artists who express local capacities and talent at the same time as  They dynamize its economy as it is sustained in the new models of economic development, thereby also consolidating new paradigms in the information agenda on national events, positively impacting the image of the country. 
  3. Promote knowledge and information about coffee as an indigenous product of Colombia through friendly and accessible communication media for all, such as social networks, thereby pretending  that a large majority of people in Colombia can speak properly about coffee, so that they can, for example, judge a good cup, or  broadly explain the coffee production process and thus appropriate and internalize  a theme that distinguishes them internationally as a nation. Therefore, together with this dream, we also want to expand our social networks so that they are established as a pedagogical platform on issues and information related to coffee production, sustainability, and the importance of the environment. This last issue is in which the methods we implement reusing our product and its derivatives can be shared and taught, thus achieving even more awareness about the impact that coffee has had on the economic and social development of Colombia.




Although today environmental sustainability is an obligation of humanity with its environment, our commitment to the environment is not limited to the fulfillment of simple formalities that make general requirements, but is materialized in each of our processes that touch from the preservation of natural resources up to a close link with the human and social components that are positively impacted by our work. In this sense, when analyzing the goals that the United Nations organization has established in relation to sustainable development, we must highlight our constant interest and progress in targeting all the focuses proposed by said international organization, however, it is worth the some of them are worth highlighting:


Water sources in cultivated and arable plots: Our plantations, located in the municipality of Fredonia, department of Antioquia, have the privilege of finding there multiple sources of water and their respective channels, which in addition to being used responsibly in production, are protected and monitored from polluting agents or affectations in its purity and flow. 


CER Tomas Ospina Hernández Rural Educational Center:: Inside the plantations is the Tomas Ospina Hernández Rural Educational Center, which is in charge of providing basic primary and secondary education to the children of workers who, due to their tasks, require the crops to remain indoors, thus making the crops available community education for all and eradicate child labor. 


Which is reflected in: biodegradable packaging, production under Rainforest and Lutz, minimal use of chemicals and pesticides, consumer education on the product and production techniques 


Which is reflected in: the biodiversity present in the plantations, natural shade of the crop thanks to native species such as the coffee walnut, prohibition of hunting and deforestation, creation of nature reserves and prohibition of burning



Unlike other companies that have similar social objectives, that is, that are also dedicated to the cultivation, processing and marketing of coffee, San Cayetano already has extensive experience in some of these activities, especially those related to the cultivation and production and some incursions into the commercialization of the product. For this reason, our company starts with a family legacy that has been transmitted from generation to generation, preserving a deep knowledge of the product, which brings significant advantages when it comes to advancing in obtaining new skills and capabilities, since there are already solid bases that allow build innovative and avant-garde experiences different from those traditionally lived by our ancestors. Specifically today San Cayetano has  with a production plant set up for the primary processing of grain, around 50 permanent jobs, a crop close to 650,000 trees and strategic allies in the market that facilitate the company's own processes such as packaging and distribution.

For all the above, it can be said then that any investment that our company receives has a range of impact that transcends the company itself and generates benefits directed to the economic and social dynamics of the region, qualifying the workforce, leading technological development and agroindustrial to the fields, generating new jobs, formalizing more and more working conditions and expanding the productive scope that San Cayetano coffee may have today, however, its challenges in terms of clientele, brand position, digital marketing and online sales , which, although in the past were not a priority, for the new generations that today seek corporate expansion, are configured as a latent need on pain of putting our permanence in time at risk. 


Written by Laura Gonzalez Ospina